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11. August 2014



Funny pictures of the day (58 pics) Every Time You Don’t Tip A Child Gets A Mullet
28. May 2013

when i’m getting ready for work:

at the end of my shift when my coworkers want to drink:

the next morning after i drink anyway:


Here’s one for you. Happened to my friend who works at an IHOP in NY. These are the kinds of people who shouldn’t be fucking going out to eat.

the worst part about this is that they’re trying to be funny. it’s not. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO TIP, YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GO OUT TO EAT.

This is why I love my job (sometimes), I get/meet the nicest people 😊 #instapic #instamood #instaphoto #work #applebees #server 🍎🐝

i love it when people actually understand.
13. May 2013

13. May 2013